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2020 Registration is open for the 2020 Season!

All members MUST register online in 2020

Click the link below to register now!

Checks can be mailed to:

Overhill Swim Club
PO Box 389250
Cincinnati OH 45238

Overhill 2020

Overhill is Open!


Pool Hours:

Monday - Thursday

12pm - 9pm


Friday - Saturday

12pm - 10pm


Sunday (starting 6/21)

11am - 8pm

Rules for the 2020 Season

1. Pool Layout – The pool will look different this year. We have adjusted all of the seating to accommodate the 6’ social distancing. This includes all of the picnic tables, black metal umbrella tables, chairs and lounge chairs. These items will not be allowed to be moved from their position. There will be tape on the ground to indicate where the tables and chairs will need to remain to ensure the 6’ social distancing. You will notice added signage throughout the grounds reminding members of the social distancing guidelines.

2. Back Shelter Rental - There will be no back shelter rentals this season.

3. Guest Access - Guest Access will be allowed Monday - Thursday. At this time we will still suspend guest access on weekends and holidays.  Each guest will be charged $5. Each membership will be allowed a maximum of 5 guests per day. All other standard guest rules apply (ex.frequency of visits).We will allow Babysitter and Grandparent passes this year.

4. Sanitizing There will be very strict sanitation procedures, per the Ohio Health Guidelines, in place for our staff to follow to ensure the safety of our members and staff. Heavy traffic areas (such as handrails, chairs, restrooms, etc.) will be a focus of our routine sanitation process. Instructions for members will be posted throughout the grounds. 

5. Employees Employees will perform daily symptom assessment and will stay home if they are not feeling well or have any symptoms. All employees will wear face coverings. The only exception will be the guards in the lifeguard chairs. Face coverings are considered a hazard to the lifeguard if a rescue is required.

6. Verbal Questionnaire for All Members - At the front desk, all Members will be required to answer a verbal questionnaire about any potential COVID-19 symptoms with every visit to the pool. These symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell.

7. Playground, Volleyball Court & Tennis Court Closed - The Playground is open, Volleyball Court and Tennis Court will be open at a later date. These areas will be considered play at your own risk. We do suggest any person playing in these areas wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing. 

8. No Child under the age of 12 without an Adult - The minimum age of a child to enter the swim club without a parent is being raised to 12 years old.

COVID-19 Process + Procedure - Members and Employees

Operating Hours

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

 Sunday: 11am - 8pm

Front Desk

1.        Procedures

·      Employee: Must wear masks at all times

·      Member: No guests permitted; children under 12 need to be   accompanied by an adult

·      Member: Must stop at the X at the entrance. Front Desk will check breezeway in case any members are leaving before letting incoming members inside.

·      Member:  Each family must sign the Overhill Release form before entry to the pool will be allowed

·      Member:  Currently, no check out of equipment. Lost and Found items will be kept for 24 hours.

·      Member:  May not use the phone (we ask that you find a manager if a phone call needs to be made)

2.        Cleaning

·      Employee: Will wipe down desk and phone at the beginning and end of the shift

·      Employee: Will wipe down frame on the entrance every two hours

Snack Bar

1.        Procedures

·      Employee:  Must wear masks at all times

·      Member:  Rocks are placed on the tables on the upper patio tables. These rocks will be green side up when tables/chairs are clean. When a member leaves, the member will need to flip the rock to red indicating the table needs to be cleaned.

·      Snack bar will close from 00:00 to 00:15 for cleaning of patio chairs/tables and picnic tables**

·      Member:  Must bring their own utensils/cooking equipment.

·      Employee:  ONLY employees allowed in the snack bar.

2.        Cleaning

·      Employee:  Will wipe down all handles and counter top when starting/ending shift in the snack bar.

·      Employee:  Will wipe down the outside shelf of the snack bar every hour

·      Employee:  Will sanitize tables/chairs/umbrella handle when the rock is red. Once finished, turn rock to green so that the next member can use it.

·      Employee:  Will sanitize picnic table when the rock is red. Once finished, change the rock to green so that the next member can use it.


 **May not need to close the snack bar at 00:00 to 00:15 for cleaning if the employee is able to clean periodically during down times**


Guards/Pool Area

** Guards on duty only purpose is to keep the swimmers safe.

They do not need to be concerned with social distancing or large groups**

1.        Procedures

·      Employee: Must wear mask when not in the lifeguard chair

·      Member: After a lounge chair is used, the member will flip the top down to show that it needs to be cleaned.

2.        Cleaning (1 lifeguard will not be on duty at all times)

·      Employee: The lifeguard not on duty will sanitize chairs and picnic tables when not in use on the lower level. Will only need to sanitize the chairs that were used.

·      Employee: The lifeguard not on duty will sanitize the handrails heading down to the pool, pool ladders, diving board rails and life guard chairs every 2 hours.

·      Employee: The lifeguard not on duty will sanitize/clean the bathrooms every hour including all handles. Snack bar employee can assist when they do not have a line.

·      Employee: The lifeguard not on duty will sanitize the chairs and picnic tables in the kiddie section when not in use. Snack bar employee can assist when they do not have a line.

·      Employee: The lifeguard not on duty will sanitize the kiddie pool gate every two hours.

Manager on Duty

·      Temperature check all employees at start of shift

·      Make rounds around the pool every 10 - 15 minutes to assist with social distancing/groups of more than 10

Board Member on Duty

·      Assist manager on duty in answering any member questions.

·      Assist manager on duty with social distancing procedures.

·      Assist with sanitizing as necessary.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.


Welcome to Overhill Swim Club. A community pool in the heart of Delhi. Established in 1965, Overhill has been bringing families and friends together for over 50 years. We offer a variety of events, activities and services that entertain both kids and adults. And we do it with one of the most affordable memberships in the city. If you are interested in joining Overhill, please contact us today at or 513-922-7946 (SWIM).


CONTACT Overhill Swim Club

476 Neeb Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45233 | MAIL: PO Box 389250, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Phone: (513) 922-7946 (SWIM)

Pool Operating Hours

Monday - Thursday  12pm - 9pm

Friday & Saturday  12pm - 10pm  Sunday  11am - 8pm