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Swim+Dive Team


Sign-ups for the 2020 Swim and Dive Team will be Saturday, May 16 at Overhill from 6:00-8:30 PM. 

Please contact Scott Menner ( if you have any Swim and Dive team questions.

Note:  All swimmers and divers are asked to sign-up on this date or contact Scott to make alternate arrangements.



You can check what jobs you have signed up for and if you have signed up for enough shifts at the link below.  If you want to sign up for a job, please contact Scott Menner or Tom Doerflein.


Please click here to access the schedule.

Swim and Dive Team Details

There are a couple of changes to the swim portion of the swim and dive meets this year.  The swim meet will now start at 6:30 PM and warm-ups have been shortened to 15 minutes.  Also, PPSL has added the 50 meter free style event for the 13-14 and 15-18 age groups this year.

2020 Meet Schedule

Thursday, 6/11 at Overhill vs. Oak Hills
Dive warm-ups at 3:00 PM
Dive meet at 4 PM
Swim warm-ups at 6:00 PM
Swim meet at 6:30 PM

Thursday, 6/18 at Shady Lane Swim Club (3360 Shady Lane, North Bend, OH 45052)
Dive warm-ups at 3 PM
Dive meet at 4 PM
Swim warm-ups at 6:15 PM
Swim meet at 6:30 PM

Thursday, 6/25 at Overhill vs. North Hills
Dive warm-ups at 3:00 PM
Dive meet at 4 PM
Swim warm-ups at 6:15 PM
Swim meet at 6:30 PM

Thursday, 7/2 at Kenwood Swim and Tennis Club (7101 Lynnfield Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45243)
Dive warm-ups at 3:30 PM
Dive meet at 4 PM
Swim warm-ups at 6:15 PM
Swim meet at 6:30 PM

Tuesday, 7/9 at Three Rivers Swim Club (7944 Bridgetown Road, Cleves, OH 45002)
Dive warm-ups at 3:30 PM
Dive meet at 4 PM
Swim warm-ups at 6:15 PM
Swim meet at 6:30 PM

B Diving Finals
Saturday, 7/11 at Delhi Swim Club (202 Felicia Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45238)
Dive warm-ups at TBD
Dive meet at TBD

B Swimming Finals
Monday, 7/13 at Delhi Swim Club (202 Felicia Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45238)
Time TBD

A Swimming Finals
At Keating Natatorium (St. Xavier High School, 600 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224)
Prelims: Tuesday, 7/14.  13-14 and 15-18 age groups in morning session.  All other age groups afternoon session.  Exact times TBA.

Finals:  Wednesday, 7/15.  All age groups in afternoon session.  Exact time TBA.  Top 16 individuals and top eight 13 & older relays after prelims will swim at finals.

A Diving Finals
At Maderia Swim Club (6580 Miami Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45243)
8 & under and 15-18 age groups:  Thursday, 7/16, time TBD
9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 age groups:  Friday, 7/17, time TBD

Swim Practice Schedule

5/26 to 5/29:  Two sessions, 6-7 PM and 7-8 PM.  Attend either or both sessions.

Beginning the week of 6/1, practices are Monday thru Friday mornings as follows:
11 & up:  8-9 AM
9-10:  9-9:45 AM
8 & under:  9:45-10:30 AM

The coaches may shuffle some kids around to balance lane space and ability levels at each practice session.  If your swimmer cannot make his or her assigned practice schedule, please contact Scott Menner.

Dive Practice Schedule

Beginning the week of 6/1, practices are Monday thru Thursday mornings as follows:
13 & up:  9-10:00 AM
11-12:  9:30-10:15 AM
9-10:  10-10:45 AM
8 & under:  10:30-11 AM

Diving lessons:  10:45-11 AM *** Free for members

End of the year Swim & Dive banquet

The 2020 Swim & Dive Team End of Season Banquet is TBD (targetting late July).  The banquet will start at 6:30 PM and go until the pool closes.  More details will be e-mailed in a few weeks.


Inclement Weather Policy for Practices

Any weather related cancellations will be posted on Overhill’s Facebook page and e-mails will be sent to everyone on the team roster.  Please check those places prior to leaving for practice if the weather is questionable.  Parents are also free to use their own judgement on the weather.

Inclement Weather Policy for Meets

If the weather is so bad prior to the meet and is unlikely to clear in time to hold the meet, Facebook and e-mail will be used to send out a cancellation notice.  However, if there is any chance to get the meet in, we will likely not cancel it.  In those cases, any cancellation decisions will be made and announced at the meet.

Swimming events at swim meets

We are going to try something a little different this year with the line-up.  Swimmers will be allowed to pick one individual event they want to swim each week.  Their second individual event will be selected by the coaches.  Swimmers can pick the same event each week or mix it up.  Event selections are due to Kim no later than the end of practice on Monday each week.  There will be a sign-up sheet available at practices.  Late requests will not be accepted as Kim is required to turn in the line-up by Tuesday morning each week.  Please have your swimmers get their requests in on time.

Conflicts with swim & dive meets

Divers should let Mandi know if they will miss any dive meets.

For swimmers, there will be a sign-up sheet posted at the pool to mark any dates your swimmer will miss.  It’s easier to add your swimmer to the line-up than it is to take him or her out.  If there are any questionable dates, please mark your swimmer as missing.  We can always add him or her to the line-up.  Please mark these dates no later than the Monday before the meet your swimmer will miss.  If there are any last minute issues that will cause your swimmer to miss a meet, please let both Scott ( and Tom ( know as soon as possible.

Meet worker requirements

All families are required to work a minimum of 3 halves (for most jobs) during the five regular season meets.  Jobs can be worked over any combination of meets or during a single meet if multiple family members are available to work.  Swimmers are not permitted to work meets.  Swimmers whose families do not fulfill this requirement will not be permitted to participate in any Finals meets.  Job descriptions are available below.

The one exception to the 3 halves requirement is for coordinating hospitality at A Swimming Finals.  We need two families to volunteer to cover this job.  If you take this job, you do not have to work during the regular season meets.  Please contact Scott or Tom is you are interested.  First two families to volunteer get the job.

We NEED parents to be officials at meets.  Training is required (unless you are already USA Swimming or Y certified), but no experience is necessary.  If you are interested in being an official and need training, please get with Scott or Tom as soon as possible.  If you are a former swimmer, you are strongly encouraged to work officials positions at meets.  Our swimmers need officials to point out any stroke infractions during the regular season so the coaching staff can make corrections.  This allows our swimmers to have successful finals meets and avoid being DQ’d at those meets for stroke infractions.

Sign-up sheets for jobs will be posted at the pool.

Meet Job Descriptions (for swimming)

In general, jobs must be filled by adults unless specifically noted for that job.  Swimmers may not work jobs during meets.  Jobs have to be worked for both home and away meets unless otherwise noted in the job description.

8&Under Round-up: Supervise and organize swimmers into appropriate heats and lead to starting blocks.  This position is worked for an entire meet.  However, you are only “on duty” for a few minutes prior to each 8 & under event until the conclusion of each of those events.

Announcer: Announce events, heats, results and meet information.  Home meets only.

Awards: Obtain event results and prepare ribbons.  Sort awards by team.  File Overhill awards. 

Clerk of Course: Oversee distribution of lane slips to 9 & older swimmers or notify 9 & older swimmers of their events at meets that do not use lane slips.  Experience is required.

Computer Operator:  Set-up and operate meet computer at home meets only.  Knowledge of Meet Manager software REQUIRED. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Computer Operator Assistant/meet scoring:  Will typically be filled by a parent from the opponent’s club at home meets.  At away meets, assist with time entry, results compilation and scoring.

Grill/Concessions: Home meets only.  Prepare and serve food and drinks in concession area.  Set-up and clean-up of the concession area.

On Deck Runner:  Home meets only.  Pick up lane time slips from timers and any DQ slips from officials and deliver to score table runner.  Children who are not on the swim team ages 14 and up may work this job.

Score Table Runner:  Home meets only.  Take lane time slips and any DQ slips from on deck runner.  Sort lane time slips into lane order with lane 1 on top and any DQ slips on the bottom.  Deliver to computer operator.  Children who are not on the swim team ages 14 and up may work this job.

Official: Officiate strokes, starts and turns, relay take-offs, referee meet, start heats.  Requires prior training.

Timer: Operate stop watch and record times.  Children who are not on the swim team ages 14 and up may work this job.

Back-up timer:  Operate two stop watches and pass out working watch to any timer who misses a start.

Meet computer set-up:  Home meets only.  Job is worked prior to the day of the meet.  Set-up meet in Meet Manager.  Enter opponent’s and Overhill’s line-up into Meet Manager.  Experience required.